1960s-1970s: Social Changes

Jacket exchange ceremony for the merger of NFA and FFA

Adolphus Pinson, national NFA president, exchanges his NFF jacket for an FFA jacket. FFA President Kenneth Kennedy accepts his jacket to be added to the archives of the FFA.


As a result of the Civil Rights Act, FFA is desegregated and the NFA merges with the FFA, adding 52,000 members.

Article covering the ceremony merging NFA into FFA
Career Show, 1975

Exploring the exhibits at the career fair, 1975


The first FFA National Agricultural Career Show, a trade show especially for students, exposes National Convention attendees to educational and career opportunities in agriculture.

Pamphlet for the 1966 Career Fair

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Amendment to the National Constitution of the FFA to remove the word "male" from membership requirements

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Read the proposed constitutional amendment to remove the word "male" from the membership requirements of the National FFA, voted on at the 1968 National Convention


After an unsuccessful vote to amend the constitution in 1968, in 1969 women are given full membership in the national organization, now making it possible for them to hold office and participate in competitive events at the regional and national level. The admendment passed by 2 votes. 

First female delegates to the convention, 1970

First female delegates at the National FFA Convention, 1970

FFA Alumni brochures, 1970s

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The National FFA Alumni Association is founded, providing opportunities for former FFA members and other supporters to become involved with their local student chapters.  

1973-1974 National Officers

Fred McClure (center) with the other national officers for 1973-74


Fred McClure is elected Western Region Vice President, becoming the organization's first African-American National Officer.  McClure would later serve on President George H. W. Bush's staff in Washington, D.C.

1960s-1970s: Social Changes