Chancellor Bantz

Chancellor Charles R. Bantz was installed at IUPUI in 2003, bringing numerous changes and accomplishments until he stepped down in 2015. Bantz's time brought more pride in IUPUI and the construction of the Campus Center, a well-known icon on campus that allows students a space to convene, study, and eat.

During Chancellor Bantz's tenure, IUPUI was transformed from a commuter campus into a university that allowed for students to live on campus and be a part of the city of Indianapolis.

The old Union building pictured in 1953 was the first space for students to gather, with spaces in the building set up to accommodate commuters and medical students with a place to stay the night. The first swimming pool was also located in this building and diners in the cafeteria could watch divers over lunch through the windows indoors. Social events were hosted at this location, mirroring the kinds of celebrations and gatherings that take place at the Campus Center today. When the new campus center opened in 2008, it provided much more space for students and faculty and brought new food franchises and school supplies.

Service in and around the Indianapolis community increased during Chancellor Bantz's tenure, as well as unprecedented research initiatives that had a global impact.

The makeup of campus changed during this time and included more multicultural and international students, but also encompassed a large percentage of local students as well.

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Chancellor Bantz