100.KZ.11 Aphrodite Kallipygos Statuette (MODEL)


100.KZ.11 Aphrodite Kallipygos Statuette (MODEL)


This is a 3D model of a Neoclassical statuette, which is a rendition of an ancient marble statue in the National Archaeological Museum of Naples. It displays a woman (the goddess Aphrodite or a mortal?) partially draped in her robes. This composition follows a statue type called the “Aphrodite Kallipygos” (Callipygian Venus). This modern name came from the Greek words kallos (beauty) and pyge (buttocks). The type's namesake statue dates from the 1st c. BCE. It was recovered in the 16th c. missing its head.


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This entry was composed by Samantha Schlegel (IUPUI).
  • Dr. Elizabeth Thill, advisor
  • Cheyenne Eversole, curator
  • Ryan Knapp, technological advisor


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