627 W. Vermont St


627 W. Vermont St


627 W Vermont Street.png
Hansberry Crispus Attucks 1954.png
Mozel Starkey Jr. Shortridge HS 1966.png
Street View of 627 W Vermont Street 2019.png
Marimon Hansberry 1948.png
the new coed 1933.PNG
27 may 1933 crusin' review cont.PNG
sept 1 1990 hansbery.PNG
Patricia Hansb. 1956 Saint Mary Academy.PNG
marimon jr finishes school 5 june 1915.PNG
june 1 1974 school 42 lucheon.PNG
indianapolis journal Marimon Sr shot in the leg 25 dec 1899.PNG
hOUSE PIC 2 1975.jpg
Hansberry Fam Kinship.PNG
evening school 1952.PNG
cable award 3 april 1948.PNG
20 May 1933 boy scouts Jr.PNG
7 aug 1915 jr bethel librarian.PNG
6 May 1902 another leg injury Sr.PNG
1935 Marimon tchr Crispus Attuck High Sch.PNG
W Verm 1887.PNG
W Verm 1898.PNG
W Verm 1915.PNG
Hansberry Sr 1873 city directory.PNG
Attucks Yearbook 1936 Boy Scouts.PNG
Florence Continuance pt 1.PNG
Florance Continuance pt 2 19 Oct 1974.PNG
Police Shooting Mozel Sr 20 July 1985.PNG
Mozel Jr OBIT 19 Oct 1974.PNG
Mozel Sr 1960 CD.PNG
Starkey Family.PNG


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